OK, so I first started running late summer of 2010 with my husband. I was dying after one mile but later figured I survived and could do it again. My first official race was Modesto Marathon Half in 2011. I ran every Modesto half since then with other halves as well as some shorter distances. In the Fall of 2015, I joined Shadowchase hoping it would help me with training and ultimately my time. About 6 weeks before the race I injured myself on a 10 mile run. It was my achilles tendon. I was devastated as the Modesto Marathon was around the corner and I actually had back to back halves that year. I managed to complete both.

I had seen some many posts about Unlimited Physiques and was intrigued, more so to prevent injury and become stronger. I was contacted by Vince about his services and saw that as an opportunity to go check out what he had to offer. I joined Unlimited Physiques in May 2015 vowing only to ever run halves and no more. In February 2016, I ran my first trail half marathon, Fourmidable. In March 2016, I ran my first full marathon in Modesto, followed by a 25 mile trail run a couple of weeks later. In October 2016, I completed my first 50k at Skyline to the Sea and then my 2nd full marathon in December 2016 at CIM Sacramento. March 2017 was my 2nd 50k at Way Too Cool where I managed to PR. Scheduled to run my 3rd full marathon in Modesto on Sunday. These are all training runs leading up to my very first 50 miler in April 2017.

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