King's Road to the Boston Marathon

At 120 continuous years running, the Boston Marathon is the oldest in the United States. Much has changed since 1897, but in the world of running, this event remains one of the most prestigious and sought-after marathons in the country. Only elite runners need apply. In 2017, Mr. Randy King, a local resident, runs Boston!

The Boston Marathon has stringent qualifying times. Times are based on age and gender and must be achieved on a Boston-approved course. This alone excludes masses of runners who would give almost anything to run Boston. For King to register for the Boston Marathon, he'd have to complete a marathon, 26.2 miles, in under 3 hours, 25 minutes. That means every mile must be completed in under 7 minutes 50 seconds.  Here's the math - each mile accomplished, in well under 8 minutes - 26 of them.

King trains hard, really hard. Even so, several times he missed a qualifying time by just a few minutes. Some can't fathom running 26.2miles. Some would be thrilled to finish a marathon, no matter how many hours it took. For many runners, finishing a marathon with King's "unqualifying time" is only a dream, clearly unobtainable for most runners. King however was not satisfied with missing the mark by even a few minutes.

Mr. King’s wife and biggest supporter, Melissa King, offers her unending support to her runner-husband. Melissa was determined to help her husband achieve his goal. King felt the obstacle to qualifying was his cramping legs during marathons. Through Melissa's research on leg cramps, she discovered how strength and core training benefits runners, namely her Boston hopeful husband. She called Vincent Wilson, owner and trainer at Unlimited Physiques.

King started training with Wilson several months before his upcoming Santa Rosa Marathon, where he again set out to qualify for Boston. Wilson comments, "Mr. King did every single exercise I asked of him in the gym, without hesitation. I didn't hear one single complaint. King's commitment to his goal is inspiring.”

On August 28, 2016, King was at the Santa Rosa Marathon starting line. Would his diligent training earn him a spot in Boston this time? Melissa, a bundle of nerves, was on the course and was reporting to people, who were on the edge of their seats, at home waiting, wondering, hoping, and praying.

King came through this time. Not only did he quality for Boston, he had some minutes to spare! He attributes his success to key people in his running club like Jeff Lozano, his trainer Vince Wilson, and of course, his biggest fan, Melissa.

Wilson's support continues as he will travel with the Kings to Boston in April 2017. “ I can't wait to see him cross that finish line on Boylston Street,” Wilson enthusiastically remarked . Wilson enjoys so many aspects of his career, and seeing clients achieve goals through diligence and perseverance tops the list.

@2017 Unlimited Physiques